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Besucht. Den beiden verstehen sich auf James Whale geschaffenen Utopie.

Vhs 2

S-VHS - VHS-2 (HD Trailer Deutsch). 23, views23K views. • Aug 16, Die beiden Privatdetektive Larry und Ayesha befinden sich auf der Suche nach einem verschwundenen Studenten. In dessen Wohnung stoßen sie auf grausame Videokassetten. Diese zeugen von der Invasion von Außerirdischen, zeigen den Ausbruch einer. S-VHS (Originaltitel: V/H/S/2) ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr Er gehört zum Genre der Found-Footage-Episodenfilme und.

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Die beiden Privatdetektive Larry und Ayesha befinden sich auf der Suche nach einem verschwundenen Studenten. In dessen Wohnung stoßen sie auf grausame Videokassetten. Diese zeugen von der Invasion von Außerirdischen, zeigen den Ausbruch einer. S-VHS (Originaltitel: V/H/S/2) ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr Er gehört zum Genre der Found-Footage-Episodenfilme und. S-VHS aka. V/H/S/2. (56)1 Std. 30 Min Teil 2 des Kult-Horrors V/H/S. Noch besser, noch gruseliger, noch blutiger. Von den Regisseuren von The Blair​. tromf.eu - Kaufen Sie S-VHS - V/H/S 2 - Uncut günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. S-VHS - V/H/S 2 - Uncut [Blu-ray] [Limited Collector's Edition] [Limited Edition]. Mehr Infos: Blu-ray, Limited Collector's Edition Uncut, Sprachen: Deutsch. From the innovative minds that brought you V/H/S comes V/H/S/2, an all-new anthology of dread, madness, and gore. S-VHS - VHS-2 (HD Trailer Deutsch). 23, views23K views. • Aug 16,

Vhs 2

S-VHS aka. V/H/S/2. (56)1 Std. 30 Min Teil 2 des Kult-Horrors V/H/S. Noch besser, noch gruseliger, noch blutiger. Von den Regisseuren von The Blair​. tromf.eu - Kaufen Sie S-VHS - V/H/S 2 - Uncut günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. S-VHS (Originaltitel: V/H/S/2) ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr Er gehört zum Genre der Found-Footage-Episodenfilme und.

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V/H/S/2 Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2013) - Horror Sequel HD Vhs 2

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How to light cigarette without lighter? With VHS-2, croatian assault rifle, of course. Bin mal gespannt. They Shoot Zombies, Don't They? Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Mehr Infos: SD Deutsch. Die effekte sind ebenfalls hochwertiger. Gentleman Mtv Unplugged weist darauf hin, dass Adam Wingard nicht nur ein kreativer sondern auch solider Drehbuchschreiber und Regisseur ist. Ticker Reviews. Vhs 2

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Ready to make a video for his video channel, Mike, a mountainbiker, test his camera before being called by his girlfriend, Amy. After a short conversation, consisting out of small talk and an explanation of Mike, he starts his ride.

But halfway the ride, he almost hit a woman who is hysterical and covered in blood. She begs him to help her boyfriend, while pointing at the woods.

In the woods, he encounters a group of zombies, leading him to flee and return to the woman. He realizes way too late however that she was bitten by the zombies and carried the disease, which already turned her.

She attacks him and bites him in the neck before he can kill her. While fleeing away, trying to stop the bleeding, he falls on the ground, caughting up blood and eventually collapsing.

Moments later, he is found a pair of cyclists. While the woman tries to call , the man investigates Mike, trying to find a pulse, before concluding that the man is dead.

When he starts moving again however, they consider it a miracle, which quickly turn into a curse as Mike kills the man and bites the woman.

While both Mike and the woman start devouring the deceased man, he too returns as a zombie. The trio are quickly attracted to noises nearby, which they go to investigate.

The noise is shown to come from a young girl's birthday party, which quickly turns into a massacre as the zombies start to kill people and zombifying several of them, which in turn continue the onslaught.

While he chases a man and his children to their car, he stops his attacks when he sees his reflection in the window of the car.

This seems to snap him into semi-conscious, but this return to reality is shortlived as he is run over by the car. When he gets up, he sees a man with a shotgun mowing down zombie after zombie before falling victim to one of them, losing his gun.

At that moment, he hears the voice of his girlfriend, as he accidentally have pocket dialed her when he was ran over earlier on.

Her voice snaps her back into a state of semi-conscious, leading him to realize what he has become. With the little time he has left, before he slips back into his zombie state, he grabs the discarded shotgun and shoots himself into the head.

As the tape ended, Larry re-enters the room, only to find Ayesha staring at the screen in a hypnotized state. When he wakes her up and have commented on her bleeding nose, she states that it must be a migraine.

In order to help her, Larry goes looking, if he can find any medicine for her. As he leaves, Ayesha, still entranced, decided to watch another tape, while from the shadows, a figure crawls out to watch her.

Safe Haven starts with an interview between a group of young documentary makers, namely Malik, his girlfriend Lena and their friends Adam and Joni, and a cult leader in Indonesia.

Although at first reluctant, he eventually agrees to allow them to film his cult. At the cultist's temple, they meet one of the leader's wives and a child.

It is heavily implied that the female members of the group have be coerced into having sex with the cult leader, and sex is used as rite of passage for the female cultists.

They also notice that the walls of the cultist' temple is covered with bizarre symbols. While descending deeper into the compound, they see children playing and it is eventually revealed that the community has 20 children.

While they are given a tour together with some information on what the leader of the cult, it is also revealed that he decided what can be filmed and what can't.

They go to the leader for his interview but while they start the interview, Lena is feeling unwell and eventually leaves the room.

Adam proposes to go and see if she is fine, which is presented to the cult leader as that he is going to check on some technical difficulties.

Meanwhile, Lena has stumpled into a classroom with children. Lena goes to one of the children to look at her drawing but is disturbed by the leader's wife, Madame.

Although they do frighten her, she is joined by Malik and Lena decides to leave the room. During the interview with the cult leader, the man reveals how he sees himself and is seen by his cult as the way to Paradise, as the key keeper.

The interview is disrupted when the battery of the camera is about to die and Malik goes to the car for a reserve battery. On a small screen in the car, he listens in on a conversation between Lena and Adam and discovers through this that Lena is pregnant of Adam!

While she expresses her hatred towards Adam's courageous treatment of Malik, she reveals that she thinks of abortion.

With the cult leader, Joni tries to continue the interview but when bell tolls, the interview is stopped as the cult leader calls his subjects and tells them it is time.

Through several clips, it is revealed that they plan to commit ritual suicide. Adam, having strawled off, finds the covered and bloody corpse of a young female cultist who appears to have died during childbirth, only to reveal herself to be quite alive, despite a failed caesarian.

He flees the room while in the interview room, the cult leader calls his subjects to kill the crew and he himself starts with attacking and killing Joni by stabbing and slicing his throat.

The cult leader starts hum, before calling his subjects once again to commit suicide. Lena tries to interfere but is apprehended by Madame and several other women.

Adam who barely have escaped the room, finds the first victims, while Malik witnesses a massive suicide and murder. When one of the cultists, who killed a man with a shotgun, he kills the man in self-defense, only to be apprehended shortly after.

As Adam arrives in the hall, he is forced to watch how Malik is about to be executed as the final victim of the executioner, before he himself commits suicide.

His despair is soon overshadowed however by the screams of Lena, who is dragged away by the women, led by the cult leader who is singing all the way to surgery room.

Clarissa then initiates sex as a distraction to make the ghosts leave them alone. Sometime later, Herman awakens and sees Clarissa sleeping on the couch.

He finds the young girl in his bed and flees, before witnessing Clarissa being dragged into the pool by an unseen entity. Despite Herman's best efforts to save her, Clarissa drowns.

Running back through the house in an attempt to escape the ghosts, Herman once again locks himself in the bathroom and uses a straight razor to cut out the implant.

The ghosts of Clarissa and her uncle appear in the bathroom as Herman tries to escape it, but he unwittingly runs directly into the ghosts of the man and young girl, with the former throttling him.

The man grabs the implant and shoves it deep into Herman's throat, presumably killing him. A cyclist, Mike, with a camera affixed on his helmet, is riding through a state park, when he runs into a hysterical and bloody woman, asking for help with her boyfriend.

Mike then sees several zombies approaching them, before he is suddenly attacked and bitten on the throat by the woman, whom he kills.

Mike staggers through the park, heavily bleeding, before finally collapsing and apparently dying. A pair of bikers come across him and attempt to help, but he reanimates, attacks, and partially devours them.

Hearing noise in the distance, the three zombies head off towards it. The trio invades a young girl's birthday party, killing several people, some of whom reanimate to attack others.

While trying to attack a man and his three daughters in their car, Mike notices his bloodied reflection, which seems to subdue his aggressive behavior.

When he accidentally pocket dials his girlfriend, Amy, he is shocked back to a semi-conscious state upon hearing her voice and kills himself with a discarded shotgun.

A news crew composed of 4 members Malik the interviewer, his girlfriend Lena, and Adam and Joni the cameramen infiltrate an Indonesian cult in the hope of shooting a documentary about their mysterious activities.

Inside the building, they find the walls adorned in bizarre symbols, schoolchildren in classrooms, and women dressed in white garments.

In the basement, Adam finds a bloody woman strapped to a chair who begins convulsing, causing him to run away.

While the cult leader is being interviewed, a bell chimes, and he suddenly announces the "time of reckoning" over the intercom.

The cultists begin a mass suicide via poison and gunshots, while Joni has his throat cut by the cult leader after repeatedly interrupting the announcement.

Lena is abducted by several women in surgical apparel, and Malik is shot dead by one of the cult members. As Adam attempts to rescue Lena, an explosion knocks him down, he stands and attempts to advance into the fiery room only to be intercepted by the cult leader, covered in blood with the cult's symbol written on it, who then proceeds to explode into a cloud of blood and organs.

Adam finds Lena placed on an altar but is unable to save her as a horned demon which resembles The Baphomet tears its way out of her body. As Adam attempts to flee, he is attacked by the previously deceased cultists and schoolchildren, including Joni and Malik, who have all turned into zombie-like ghouls.

As he finally manages to get outside and get into the car, he drives off, only to be rammed by the demon and seriously injured.

As he crawls out of the car, the demon looks down on Adam before calling him "Papa". The revelation that the demon is, in fact, his child drives Adam hysterically insane and he starts laughing.

Shortly thereafter, the camera malfunctions. Young brothers Gary and Randy attach a camera to their Yorkshire Terrier dog, Tank, to create videos at their lakeside house.

After their parents leave, Gary and Randy invite over their friends, Shawn and Danny, and the group harasses the older sister, Jen, and her boyfriend, Zack.

While the group is swimming at a nearby lake, they fail to notice a grey alien hiding beneath the water. Later that night, the aliens begin frightening the kids with bright lights and deafening noises.

Realizing the aliens are in the house and have cut the power, Zack attempts to scare off the intruders with a shotgun, only to be quickly grabbed by one of the aliens.

The aliens attack the rest of the teenagers in the house, dragging them in their sleeping bags, and attempting to drown them in the lake. Only Gary, Randy, Jen and Tank escape, running into the woods to hide.

After Tank inadvertently alerts the aliens to their location by barking, the group run toward what they believe to be police lights and sirens, but it turns out to be a trap set by the aliens who abduct Randy.

Jen and Gary flee to a nearby barn, where the aliens drag Jen away as Gary and Tank escape up a ladder.

As the aliens close in on Gary, he is suddenly pulled into the air by the alien ship's tractor beam. As Gary is pulled into the air, his grip loosens on Tank's leash, and Tank falls down the ladder to the floor, the impact loosening the camera from his back.

Mortally injured by the fall, Tank whimpers as he and the camera both slowly die. The film was rushed into production in late , [7] and premiered January 19, at Park City's Library Center Theatre as part of the Sundance Film Festival , much like its predecessor.

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User Polls Scariest Horror Film? Larry segment "Tape 49" Kelsy Abbott Ayesha segment "Tape 49" L. Kyle segment "Tape 49" Simon Barrett Steve segment "Tape 49" Mindy Robinson Hotel Maid segment "Tape 49" Adam Wingard

Und trotz vermehrt negativer Stimmen werde ich mir auch seine Vorgängerwerke Waldrasthaus Karches. Wer Teil 1 mochte, wird den hier lieben! Die Idee die uns Wingard in seinem Kurzfilm präsentiert, hätte zumindest auch für einen stimmungsvollen Langfilm gereicht. Jason Eisener. James Guymon. Deine Bewertung. So bleibt man in der Zombie-Perspektive gefangen und ist - Vorsicht, Twilight-Pun: bis s auf ein paar Kinoprogramm Singen - gezwungen, den Ausbruch des Terrors aus erster Reihe zu begutachten. Kelsy Abbott. Anderen Code bitte! Rahmenhandlung, erster und zweiter Film sind solide Horrorkost ca. Dani Lowinski uns deine Liebe auf Facebook. Also ich hab s-vhs gesehen. Team Kontakt. Um Kommentare auf Schnittberichte. Silent Hill: Revelation. Wenn das Ende der Welt Ludwig Hofmaier Laden beginnt, dann sind wir alle ziemlich am Arsch. Die effekte sind ebenfalls hochwertiger. Jetzt auf Amazon Video und 1 weiteren Anbieter anschauen. "S-VHS aka V/H/S 2" | Trailer & Kritik Review Deutsch German Horror [HD]. 65, views65K views. • Feb 15, K Share Save. Schnittberichte, News (z.B. Uncut-DVDs & Blu-rays) und Reviews zu S-VHS (OT: V/H/S/2 | USA, Kanada, Indonesien, | Horror, Fantasy, Splatter, Thriller). Ausführliche Filmkritik zu S-VHS AKA V/H/S/2 () von Regisseur Barret, Wingard, Eisener, Evans, Hale, Sánchez, Tjahjanto, mit Kelsy Abbott, Adam Wingard. Vhs 2 Vhs 2 Saturday Night Live: Season February The last shot Alien Swarm of the dog dying on impact. Retrieved November 3, This wiki All wikis. Views Read Edit View history. Company Credits. It's just not for Castle Staffel 6 Stream faint of heart. You're almost there! The film is presented as an anthology of short horror films, built into a frame narrative which acts as its own short horror film. Technical Specs. Super Reviewer. Forgot your password? In revenge for the humiliation, Filme Stream Online 100 brother came up with another prank, where they would disturb Geschonneck sister later that night while she was having sex with her boyfriend, Zack.


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