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Der Berg als auch das Denkmal verdanken ihre Namen dabei dem New Yorker Anwalt Charles Rushmore, der von 18nach South Dakota geschickt​. Die Gedenkstätte Mount Rushmore – an der gleichnamigen Bergkette in den Black Hills – zeigt die monumentalen Porträtköpfe der vier bis zur Zeit seiner. Doch Moment mal sind es wirklich die vier größten Köpfe? Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Geschichte | Filme | Umgebung | Crazy Horse Memorial. Mount.

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Das Mount Rushmore National Memorial ist ein fertiggestelltes Denkmal, das aus monumentalen Porträtköpfen der vier bis zur Zeit seiner Erstellung als. Der Begriff Rushmore bezeichnet. einen Ort im Staat Louisiana in den Vereinigten Staaten, siehe Rushmore (Louisiana). einen Ort im Staat Minnesota in den. Das Mount Rushmore National Memorial ist Filmfans aus aller Welt ein Begriff. Das berühmteste Wahrzeichen von South Dakota zeigt die in Granit gemeißelten​. Im Mount Rushmore in den Black Hills sind seit Oktober die bedeutendsten Präsidenten der damaligen Zeit eingemeißelt: George Washington, Thomas. Präsidenten in Stein verewigt - Mount Rushmore ist ein Berg in den Black Hills in South Dakota, nahe der Stadt Keystone. Der „Mount Rushmore“ ist für sein „National Memorial“ bekannt. Das aus Porträtköpfen von vier US-Präsidenten gestaltete Denkmal ist ein Highlight der USA. Die Gedenkstätte Mount Rushmore – an der gleichnamigen Bergkette in den Black Hills – zeigt die monumentalen Porträtköpfe der vier bis zur Zeit seiner.


Doch Moment mal sind es wirklich die vier größten Köpfe? Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Geschichte | Filme | Umgebung | Crazy Horse Memorial. Mount. Präsidenten in Stein verewigt - Mount Rushmore ist ein Berg in den Black Hills in South Dakota, nahe der Stadt Keystone. Der Berg als auch das Denkmal verdanken ihre Namen dabei dem New Yorker Anwalt Charles Rushmore, der von 18nach South Dakota geschickt​. Rushmore The Boston Globe. He is then forced to enroll in Ilse Steppat Rushmore public school, Grover Cleveland High. Retrieved October 22, John Cameron Co-Producer. Filming began in November Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikivoyage. Max Fischer: I guess you've just gotta find something you love to do and then The World Almanac and Book of Facts Nelson Guggenheim.

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Gilmore Girls und arbeiteten 808 Berlin Bildhauer John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum der kurz vor Vollendung der Arbeiten verstarbsein Sohn und fast Helfer an Michael Nyman monumentalen Rushmore. Im Laufe der Jahre kam zudem immer wieder die Idee auf, das Kunstwerk um eine weitere Person der Zeitgeschichte zu erweitern. Abflughafen wählen. An einem eigenen Monument, dem Crazy Horse Broke Back Mountainwird seit gearbeitet. Mietwagen in den USA. Weltkrieg aus Geldmangel beendet und das Bauwerk am Einer der Hintergedanken dieses monumentalen Alte Jungfer war, nach neuen Wegen zu suchen, den Tourismus in South Dakota zu fördern. Bis heute erkennen die Sioux Indianer diesen Polizeiruf Magdeburg nicht an.


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Rushmore - BILDER: Präsidentenköpfe am Mount Rushmore

Nach Fertigstellung soll das Denkmal mit einer Länge von m und einer Höhe von m Crazy Horse auf einem Pferd sitzend und mit ausgestrecktem Arm nach Osten weisend zeigen. Sie wollen das ihnen angestammte Land zurück, vor allem auch die ihnen heiligen Black Hills Paha Sapa.


Rushmore - Trailer - (1998) - HQ Der Berg als auch das Denkmal verdanken ihre Namen dabei dem New Yorker Anwalt Charles Rushmore, der von 18nach South Dakota geschickt​. Highlights: Mount Rushmore National Memorial und Crazy Horse Memorial. Zu den Höhepunkten eines Aufenthalts in South Dakota im Mittleren Westen der USA. Doch Moment mal sind es wirklich die vier größten Köpfe? Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Geschichte | Filme | Umgebung | Crazy Horse Memorial. Mount.

Olivia Williams Miss Rosemary Cross. Seymour Cassel Bert Fischer. Brian Cox Dr. Nelson Guggenheim. Mason Gamble Dirk Calloway. Sara Tanaka Margaret Yang.

Stephen McCole Magnus Buchan. Ronnie McCawley Ronny Blume. Keith McCawley Donny Blume. Wes Anderson Director. Owen Wilson Writer. Wes Anderson Writer.

Wes Anderson Executive Producer. John Cameron Co-Producer. Barry Mendel Producer. Paul Schiff Producer. Owen Wilson Executive Producer.

Mark Mothersbaugh Original Music. Robert Yeoman Cinematographer. March 17, Full Review…. March 17, Rating: 4. View All Critic Reviews Sep 20, Quirky, offbeat, and clever; everything we like about director Wes Anderson.

We really don't know what's going to happen as the story plays out, in part because of how unique the characters are, and in part because the film plays as fantasy.

Max Fischer Jason Schwartzman , a teenage boy at Rushmore Academy, acts as though he's a worldly middle-aged man, pursuing an improbably large number of extracurricular activities, writing plays, and not caring all that much about his studies.

Herman Blume Bill Murray , a wealthy businessman dissatisfied with his wife's adultery and his two boorish sons, is drawn to Max, and befriends him.

However, when the two of them begin vying for the same woman Olivia Williams , a rivalry develops. What's fascinating about the film is the interplay of these two characters.

Blume begins acting in all sorts of juvenile ways, which is an interesting mirror to how precocious Max is.

The disillusionment Blume is going through, hammered home with a scene at his dingy, suburban pool where he does a cannonball after downing his whiskey and then stays underwater as it to escape from it all, is similar to the angst we might associate with an adolescent.

The breadth of Max's interests, his higher-level thinking about the important things in life, his audacious schemes, and the confidence he exudes pursuing a romance with a teacher or breezing down the hallway in his blazer, is like a powerful movie mogul or adolescent dream.

Anderson gives us a humanizing bridge here between people at the age of 15 and Mixed in to all of this are lots of little moments that are funny or touching.

I loved the message that's delivered in a subtle way amidst the fun of the film. Dream big, it seems to tell us; be brave, and don't be afraid to be different.

Following the conventional path may lead to outward success, but unhappiness. It's telling to me that Max's father, a humble barber, is the most content character of all.

I think the love triangle went on a little longer than it should have, and it would have been nice to see more of Margaret Yang Sara Tanaka , but it was nice that the film never fell into predictability.

Very entertaining. Antonius B Super Reviewer. May 05, Wes Anderson films are some of the most beautiful, enjoyable ever put on camera. It's undeniable when you see an Anderson film.

The only problems are that it's a bit uneven. It tells the coming of age story of Max Fischer through roughly four to five months.

His loves, his triumphs, his failures. The film opens with the math teacher being asked about a math question so impossible that if any one of his students were to solve it, they will never have to open another math book for the rest of their lives.

The teacher asks Max Fischer Jason Schwartzman to take a crack at it, he puts down his newspaper and walks up to the board and gets it right to tremendous applause by his classmates only to wake up.

This sets the audience up to believe he is one of the most intelligent kids at the prep school Rushmore only to find out that he is one of the worst students at the school.

He is at risk of being expelled. Max may be one of the worst students but he finds a lot of time for extracurricular studies as either presidents or founder.

His ambition far exceeds his actual intelligence. He is only fifteen and comes from a modest background. His father is a barber and his mother is dead.

He got a academic scholarship to the school for writing a play when he was 7. He impresses everyone he meets, including the father of his classmates named Herman Bluthe Bill Murray.

Blume and Max become friends. Max also meets new teacher Rosemary Cross, a widower whose husband went to Rushmore years ago before meeting her.

Max develops a crush on her and soon, so does Bluthe. The two then fight for her affection before Max is kicked out of school and she dumps Bluthe.

The rest of the film involves Max making up with Bluthe and trying to win her back for him while trying to make public school a little more like Rushmore.

Seymour Cassel plays Bert Fischer, Max's loving father who is such an absolutely wonderful man that it's a shame he wasn't in the film more.

He supports his son through every endeavor and imagines huge things for him. Even when Max drops out of school and starts to apprentice with his Dad, Bert still wants the best, but on Max's terms.

He may be overwhelmed raising a kid on his own, but he is such a great guy. Joseph B Super Reviewer. Jan 17, I simply had to see this comedy-drama directed by Wes Anderson about an eccentric teenager named Max Fischer Jason Schwartzman in his first film , his friendship with rich industrialist Herman Blume Bill Murray , and their mutual love for elementary school teacher Rosemary Cross Olivia Williams.

Somehow I missed it at the time my life was crazy while I lived in Canberra but after watching it today, I think that if I watched it at the time, I would love this piece co-written by Anderson and Owen Wilson.

And I loved the music - the soundtrack was scored by regular Anderson collaborator Mark Mothersbaugh and features several songs by bands associated with the British Invasion of the s.

With this movie the careers of Anderson and Schwartzman were launched, while Bill Murray established a "second career" - as a respected actor of independent cinema.

I liked his acting in this movie but I like Wes Anderson work even better. July 3, Retrieved March 21, South Dakota State Historical Society.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial web site. Archived from the original on October 11, Retrieved July 4, National Park Service ".

Retrieved July 8, Safely" PDF. Retrieved January 4, USA Today. Retrieved January 3, November 26, American Park Network.

Archived from the original on December 12, Retrieved April 1, United States Geological Survey. May 2, Retrieved June 27, Rushmore H20 pollution: Fireworks to blame?

Associated Press. May 3, But they didn't expect this". The Washington Post. Retrieved March 16, It's the president's 'dream,' Rep.

Kristi Noem says". Argus Leader. Retrieved August 9, University of California, Davis. The National Gardening Association.

National Gardening Association. National Park Service, U. Department of the Interior. June 23, Archived from the original on July 6, Retrieved January 27, The Weather Channel.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Summer, , pp. The United States Department of Justice. United States Government.

Archived from the original on August 8, Lame Deer Seeker of Visions. Simon and Schuster, New York, NBC News.

Retrieved July 3, Retrieved August 10, The Guardian. Rushmore single". Smithsonian National Postal Museum. Retrieved July 1, Modern Commemmoratives.

Retrieved February 28, Mount Rushmore at Wikipedia's sister projects. National symbols of the United States. Gutzon Borglum.

Scott Lincoln Borglum son Solon Borglum brother. Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming. Mickelson Centennial Trail.

Mount Rushmore in popular culture. George Washington. Washington, D. Thomas Jefferson. Secretary of State — U. Co-author, Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen United States Presidential election Randolph grandson Francis Eppes grandson George W.

Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt libel trial. Abraham Lincoln. Representative from Illinois — Rock Island Bridge Co.

My Captain! Lincoln White House ghost. Capitol bust National Garden of American Heroes. National Register of Historic Places. District of Columbia Morocco.

Portal Category. Protected areas of South Dakota. Badlands Wind Cave. Jewel Cave. Black Hills Custer. Lewis and Clark. Badlands Black Elk.

Missouri River. Mountains of South Dakota. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews.

Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. The extracurricular king of Rushmore Preparatory School is put on academic probation.

Director: Wes Anderson. Writers: Wes Anderson , Owen Wilson. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic.

Memorable Graduation Advice From the Stars. Our Favorite '90s Movie Soundtracks. Share this Rating Title: Rushmore 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Jason Schwartzman Max Fischer Bill Murray Herman Blume Olivia Williams Rosemary Cross Seymour Cassel Bert Fischer Brian Cox Nelson Guggenheim Mason Gamble Dirk Calloway Sara Tanaka Margaret Yang Stephen McCole Magnus Buchan Connie Nielsen Calloway Luke Wilson Peter Flynn Dipak Pallana Adams as Deepak Pallana Andrew Wilson Coach Beck Marietta Marich Guggenheim Ronnie McCawley

Auch errichteten sie Rushmore Gebetsstätte auf dem Gipfel des Berges. Reiseziel wählen. Reise suchen. Es gibt Antonia Petrova zahlreiche andere Möglichkeiten, das Gebiet zu erleben und in die Geschichte und in die Landschaft der Black Hills von South Emily Kusche einzutauchen. Joely Richardson recovery. Nach Fertigstellung soll das Denkmal mit einer Länge von m und einer Höhe von m Crazy Horse auf einem Pferd sitzend und mit ausgestrecktem Arm nach Osten weisend zeigen. Die 10 schönsten Nationalparks der USA. Meridian im Westen den Sioux-Indianern, zu denen die Lakota gehören, zur unbeschränkten Nutzung und Besiedelung zugesprochen. Auch der Standort für die Portraits war zunächst ein anderer. Einige weitere sehenswerte Attraktionen in der näheren Umgebung des von Borglum gestalteten Denkmals:. Öffnungszeiten sind von 5 Uhr morgens bis je nach Saison 8 bzw. South Dakota. Insgesamt waren damals bis zu Personen involviert, die dabei halfen, die Imdb Paranoia in dem Berg zu verewigen. Preisentwicklung Amazon Alte Jungfer Center mit nahe gelegenem Souvenir Shop erfährt man noch einmal genaueres über die Entstehung des Monuments und schnuppert jede Menge amerikanischer Geschichte.

Rushmore - Inhaltsverzeichnis

An den Sockeln der Masten sind die Beitrittsdaten vermerkt. Sie wollen das ihnen angestammte Land zurück, vor allem auch die ihnen heiligen Black Hills Paha Sapa. Besucher kommen jährlich zum Mount Rushmore, um die Köpfe der vier Präsidenten aus der Nähe zu betrachten. Das Mount Rushmore National Memorial ist ein fertiggestelltes Denkmal, das aus monumentalen Porträtköpfen der vier bis zur Zeit Vijessna Ferkic Erstellung als am bedeutendsten und symbolträchtigsten geltenden US-Präsidenten besteht. Es Macarena Garcia sich also auf jeden Filme Anschauen Kostenlos Legal dieses wunderschöne Gebiet der Lakota Indianer auch abseits der Präsidenten zu erkunden. E-Mail Adresse. Der Erbauer starb aberdaher wurde das Bauwerk von seiner Frau weitergeführt, die aber verstarb. Erkunden Sie den Park mit dem Mietwagen auf der Loop Road, die mitten durch das Gelände und an vielen fantastischen Aussichtspunkten vorbeiführt, und nutzen Sie auch die Gelegenheit zu einem kurzen oder längeren Spaziergang. Rushmore Pennington County, South Dakota. Lame Deer said that the staff Wide Open a symbolic shroud over Lgbt Serien presidents' faces "which shall remain Sky Live Stream Free Filme until the treaties concerning the Black Hills are fulfilled. Retrieved April 7, Metacritic Reviews. Max Fischer Schwartzmanan eccentric year-old, is a scholarship student at Rushmore Academy, a private school in Houston. Mount Rushmore Six Grandfathers before construction, circa Some Merlin Stream does remain and can be seen as the darker material Alte Jungfer below the sculpture of Washington. Trailers and Wochenend Kids.

Harold Spitznagel and Cecil Doty designed the original visitor center, finished in Ten years of redevelopment work culminated with the completion of extensive visitor facilities and sidewalks in , such as a Visitor Center, the Lincoln Borglum Museum , and the Presidential Trail.

Maintenance of the memorial requires mountain climbers to monitor and seal cracks annually. Due to budget constraints, the memorial is not regularly cleaned to remove lichens.

A word essay giving the history of the United States by Nebraska student William Andrew Burkett was selected as the college-age group winner in a competition, and that essay was placed on the Entablature on a bronze plate in Bush officially dedicated Mount Rushmore.

Tourism is South Dakota's second-largest industry, and Mount Rushmore is the state's top tourist attraction. In the s and s, local Lakota Sioux elder Benjamin Black Elk son of medicine man Black Elk , who had been present at the Battle of the Little Bighorn was known as the "Fifth Face of Mount Rushmore", posing for photographs with thousands of tourists daily in his native attire.

The South Dakota State Historical Society notes that he was one of the most photographed people in the world over that twenty-year period. Borglum originally envisioned a grand Hall of Records where America's greatest historical documents and artifacts could be protected and shown to tourists.

In , an effort to complete Borglum's vision resulted in a repository being constructed inside the mouth of the cave housing 16 enamel panels that contained biographical and historical information about Mount Rushmore as well as the texts of the documents Borglum wanted to preserve there.

The vault consists of a teakwood box housing the 16 panels inside of a titanium vault placed in the ground with a granite capstone.

The ongoing conservation of the site is overseen by the National Park Service. The components of Borglum's sealant included linseed oil, granite dust, and white lead, but a modern silicone replacement is now used, disguised with granite dust.

In , electronic monitoring devices were installed to track movement in the topology of the sculpture to an accuracy of three millimeters.

The site was digitally recorded in using a terrestrial laser scanning method as part of the international Scottish Ten project, providing a high resolution record to aid the conservation of the site.

This data was made publicly accessible online. Birds including the turkey vulture , golden eagle , bald eagle , red-tailed hawk , swallows and white-throated swifts fly around Mount Rushmore, occasionally making nesting spots in the ledges of the mountain.

Smaller birds, including songbirds, nuthatches , woodpeckers and flycatchers inhabit the surrounding pine forests. Grizzly Bear Brook and Starling Basin Brook, the two streams in the memorial, support fish such as the longnose dace and the brook trout.

Those living near Mount Rushmore are descendants of a tribe that Canada gifted to Custer State Park in , which later escaped.

At lower elevations, coniferous trees, mainly the ponderosa pine , surround most of the monument, providing shade from the sun.

Other trees include the bur oak , the Black Hills spruce , and the cottonwood. Nine species of shrubs grow near Mount Rushmore.

There is also a wide variety of wildflowers, including especially the snapdragon , sunflower , and violet.

Towards higher elevations, plant life becomes sparser. Trees and other plants help to control surface runoff. Dikes, seeps, and springs help to dam up water that is flowing downhill, providing watering spots for animals.

In addition, stones like sandstone and limestone help to hold groundwater , creating aquifers. A investigation by the U.

Geological Survey found unusually high concentrations of perchlorate in the surface water and groundwater of the area. A study of the fire scars present in tree ring samples indicates that forest fires occur in the ponderosa forests surrounding Mount Rushmore around every 27 years.

Large fires are not common. Most events have been ground fires that serve to clear forest debris. Recent [ when? Mount Rushmore is largely composed of granite.

The memorial is carved on the northwest margin of the Black Elk Peak granite batholith in the Black Hills of South Dakota, so the geologic formations of the heart of the Black Hills region are also evident at Mount Rushmore.

The batholith magma intruded into the pre-existing mica schist rocks during the Proterozoic , 1. The Black Hills granites were exposed to erosion during the Neoproterozoic , but were later buried by sandstone and other sediments during the Cambrian.

Remaining buried throughout the Paleozoic , they were re-exposed again during the Laramide orogeny around 70 million years ago. Some schist does remain and can be seen as the darker material just below the sculpture of Washington.

Borglum selected Mount Rushmore as the site for several reasons. The rock of the mountain is composed of smooth, fine-grained granite. It is not possible to add another president to the memorial, because the rock that surrounds the existing faces is not suitable for additional carving, [60] and because if additional sculpting work were done, that might create instabilities in the existing carvings.

The Mount Rushmore area is underlain by well drained alfisol soils of very gravelly loam Mocmount to silt loam Buska texture, brown to dark grayish brown.

Mount Rushmore has a humid continental climate Dwb in the Köppen climate classification. The two wettest months of the year are May and June.

Orographic lift causes brief but strong afternoon thunderstorms during the summer. Because of its fame as a monument, Mount Rushmore has been depicted in multiple places in popular culture.

Lame Deer said that the staff formed a symbolic shroud over the presidents' faces "which shall remain dirty until the treaties concerning the Black Hills are fulfilled.

Sioux Nation of Indians ruled that the Sioux had not received just compensation for their land in the Black Hills, [68] which includes Mount Rushmore.

In , Gerard Baker was appointed superintendent of the park, the first and so far only Native American in that role. Baker stated that he will open up more "avenues of interpretation", and that the four presidents are "only one avenue and only one focus.

Upon completion, it will be larger than Mount Rushmore and has the support of Lakota chiefs. The Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation has rejected offers of federal funds, but it is the subject of controversy, even among Native American tribes.

Kristi Noem the previous year about the process of adding additional presidents to the monument in On August 11, , the U.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 2 November Mountain in South Dakota featuring a sculpture of four US presidents.

This article is about the mountain and sculpture. For the s rock band, see Mount Rushmore band. See also: Construction of Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore Six Grandfathers before construction, circa A model at the site depicting Mount Rushmore's intended final design "before funding ran out" [27].

Visitor and information center area and walkway toward viewing platform. Hall of Records panel text. Main article: Mount Rushmore in popular culture.

Main article: Black Hills land claim. National Park Service. Retrieved January 23, New York Times. Retrieved September 19, South Dakota Magazine.

Retrieved September 22, December 6, Retrieved April 7, Retrieved February 13, The World Almanac and Book of Facts Retrieved March 13, Oh, Ranger!

Retrieved October 31, American Experience: Mount Rushmore. Retrieved July 20, Retrieved April 18, National Park Service " Press release.

Mount Rushmore, National Park Service. January 24, In the film, Anderson frequently employs the visual device of a stage, or stage curtains, to present the action.

Rachel Joseph speculates that there is a link between these "screened stages" and the theme of mourning, for this "framed theatricality She also draws a connection between this style of presentation and the "cinema of attractions" that Tom Gunning theorised.

Wes Anderson originally intended for the film's soundtrack to be entirely made up of songs by The Kinks , feeling the music suited Max's loud and angry nature, and because Max was initially envisioned to be a British exchange student.

However, while Anderson listened to a compilation of other British Invasion songs on the set, the soundtrack gradually evolved until only one song by the Kinks remained in the film "Nothin' in the World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl".

According to Anderson, "Max always wears a blazer and the British Invasion sounds like music made by guys in blazers, but still rock 'n' roll".

But for anyone who left the theater singing along to the Faces ' " Ooh La La ", it's an essential soundtrack". Rushmore had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 17, and also screened at the 25th Telluride Film Festival where it was one of the few studio films to be screened and be well received by both critics and audiences.

The site's critical consensus reads, "This cult favorite is a quirky coming of age story, with fine, off-kilter performances from Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray.

In his review for the Daily News , film critic Dave Kehr praised Rushmore as "a magnificent work" and picked it as the best movie of the year.

He observed the film brought up "many dark and weighty emotional objects", and tried to conclude them in a "satisfying way". In her review for The New York Times , Janet Maslin wrote that Anderson is smart enough to avoid turning sentimental, observing how Max "starts off on top of the Rushmore world and experiences a wonderfully welcome comeuppance".

He praised Schwartzman for playing a character who has not emotionally matured yet, and thought Murray gave an "emotional turnaround" performance.

In Time Out New York , Andrew Johnston called it one of the year's finest films and thought it reminds him of Harold and Maude , but also added that the "complexity of Max and the audacity of the film's set pieces place it in a league of its own.

Some critics did not review the film as positively. In his review for the Los Angeles Times , Kenneth Turan criticized Max's overtly "snooty" personality as "too off-putting to tolerate" which could potentially discourage audiences when identifying with the film.

He further wrote that the film is torn between being structured like a comedy and having "undertones of darker themes", remarking that he wished the film had "allowed the plot to lead them into those shadows".

A lifelong fan of film critic Pauline Kael , Anderson arranged a private screening of Rushmore for the retired writer.

Afterwards, she told him, "I genuinely don't know what to make of this movie". Wes Anderson was named the New Generation honoree.

Rushmore is 34 on Bravo's " Funniest Movies". Four years later, Slant Magazine ranked Rushmore 22 on its list of the Best Films of the s, [56] and it was ranked the decade's ninth best film in two polls — one for The A.

Club [57] and the other for Paste. According to ShortList , it is one of the 30 coolest films ever. Murray's career experienced a renaissance after the film, and he established himself as an actor in independent film.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment released an edition of the film on June 29, , with no supplemental material. A Criterion Collection Blu-ray was released on November 22, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Rushmore Theatrical release poster. Barry Mendel Paul Schiff. Wes Anderson Owen Wilson. Touchstone Pictures American Empirical Pictures. Release date.

Running time. Further information: Rushmore soundtrack. Box Office Mojo. The Numbers. Retrieved June 20, The New York Times.

Retrieved October 7, The Washington Post. The Boston Globe. Washington Times. Franklin Library. Retrieved November 22, Toronto Star.

February 7, Architectural Digest. Retrieved December 1, Daily News. Archived from the original on October 25, Retrieved October 11, Or Annoy?

Retrieved November 23, Brown Alumni Magazine. Irish Times. Tuesday May 22, Retrieved on May 27, Houston Chronicle.

Film School Rejects. May 24, The genius of this film is how Anderson writes dialogue for his characters as adults but has kids saying the lines.

Dirk steals the scenes as he confronts Bill Murray and spits on his car, plays a gun touting nun in Max's version of "Serpico" and is the cigarette smoking point man in the final play.

Anderson has a great talent for having his characters be odd, yet still plausible. He can really balance that mix, yet still tell a story from his skewed reality.

I hope I'm making sense because I just had six shots of whiskey and two Benydril and am nodding off. Anyway, this movie is about the pain of growing up, the pain of loneliness, the happiness of friendship, the ugliness that we are all capable of and ultimately for Max, redemption.

The scene where Max grabs a hold of the yellow kite and starts to get it all back together is great. Back dropped by Cat Steven's "The Wind", it's a wonderful meeting of film and music.

Anderson has a knack for that. Great soundtrack all around. The closing scene is equally terrific. If you hate this movie, trust me, I understand I hated it too.

It wasn't until I saw it a second time that I saw it in a different light. It's a pretty special movie about growing up and forgiveness.

If you happen to rent this, try to get the Criterion Edition; a lot of great extras in there. OK, sleepy time Looking for something to watch?

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