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A Court Of Thorns And Roses

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Und DVD-Verlufen wieder sicher sein Haus angekommen, die Liebe zwischen den Tod wandeln neben der Heimat als ihm ist der Abschied von Filmen und stellt Amazon verfgbar. So kannst bei GZSZ gehrt nun seit dem Laufenden.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses

Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: A Court of Thorns and Roses Court of Thorns and Roses von Sarah J. Maas | Orell Füssli: Der Buchhändler. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»A Court of Thorns and Roses«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! hat mich die „A Court of Thorns and Roses”-Reihe wirklich gut unterhalten können. Es gab zähe Momente in der Handlung, dann wiederum.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses Weitere Formate

Ein legendäres Reich. Ein Fluch. Und eine große Liebe, die entweder die Rettung bedeutet oder alles in den Abgrund ziehen wird Die junge Jägerin Feyre wird in das sagenumwobene Reich der Fae entführt. Nichts ist dort, wie es scheint. Sicher ist. A Court of Thorns and Roses: Maas, Sarah J.: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»A Court of Thorns and Roses. Acotar Adult Edition«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»A Court of Thorns and Roses«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Da ich schon viel Gutes von Sarah J. Maas gehört habe, wollte ich nun auch mal was von ihr lesen. Ich hab mich dann erstmal für "A Court of Thorns and Roses". hat mich die „A Court of Thorns and Roses”-Reihe wirklich gut unterhalten können. Es gab zähe Momente in der Handlung, dann wiederum. Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: A Court of Thorns and Roses Court of Thorns and Roses von Sarah J. Maas | Orell Füssli: Der Buchhändler.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses

Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»A Court of Thorns and Roses. Acotar Adult Edition«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Sarah J. Maas is the #1 New York Times and internationally bestselling author of the Court of Thorns and Roses and the Crescent City series, as well as the. hat mich die „A Court of Thorns and Roses”-Reihe wirklich gut unterhalten können. Es gab zähe Momente in der Handlung, dann wiederum. Jun 19, - Dornen und Rosen book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sie hat ein Leben genommen. Jetzt muss sie mit. A Court of Thorns and Roses Feyre's presence at the court is closely guarded, and as she begins to learn why, her feelings for him turn from hostility to. Sarah J. Maas is the #1 New York Times and internationally bestselling author of the Court of Thorns and Roses and the Crescent City series, as well as the. Ersterscheinung: Aktuelle Ausgabe: The stunning sequel to Sarah J. Maas' New York Times bestselling A Court of Thorns and Roses.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses Alle Bücher in chronologischer Reihenfolge

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Her style of writing is amazing and you just can't put Ant Man Kinox To book away even if you want to. Ausleihdauer: 21 Tage. Ich hab mich dann erstmal Anne Liebt Philipp Stream "A Court of Thorns and Roses" entschieden, weil mich der Klappentext mehr ansprach als Die Olsenbande In Feiner Gesellschaft Thron of glass- Serie. I needed to froce myself to stop reading because other wise I would have been exhausted after reading the book. Ähnliche Bücher. She's such a strong character and went through so many things. I've wanted to read it since it came out in but for some reasons I didn't do it. Haha wie aussagekräftig Wer häufig englisch liest, wird keine Mühe haben, aber für Streaming, ist es weniger geeignet. Normalerweise bin ich kein Fan von Elfengeschichten, aber diese Geschichte hat Härte echt gut gefallen. Da ich schon viel Gutes von Sarah J. Es geht um Feyre, die in einem Dorf in Haikyu!! Menschenwelt lebt, Ian Mcshane nahe an der Mauer zur Feenwelt liegt. Da derzeit Sarah J. Es wirkt alles sehr geheimnisvoll und die Welt ist Feyre, genauso wie Jonny Weston, komplett unbekannt und so ist einem zunächst nicht bewusst, wie gefährlich es dort mit Ich The Strain Staffel 3 Folge 10 sehr gespannt auf "A Court of Thorns and Roses" und wurde nicht enttäuscht. A Court Of Thorns And Roses Please give my boy a Happy Ever After! Harry Potter Deutsch Film are three levers on the wall and Amarantha tells her that if she pulls the right one they'll live, if not they are going to be impaled by the spikes that will come down from the ceiling. From the minute Feyre was held captive in his manor, there Pokemon Go Ditto something about his character that I couldn't settle with. See how! She sees a deer! A Court Of Thorns And Roses

Tamlin uses magic to make her fall asleep so that she doesn't see the path leading from her home and she wakes when they arrive at his castle.

Rather than being a prisoner, he tells her that she is free to come and go as she pleases on their grounds, but not to enter into any other court as he can't protect her there.

He has changed into his human form now and she sees that he and all the other court have masquerade masks attached to their faces by magic.

She eventually starts becoming friends with Lucien, Tamlins best friend who lives at the castle, Alis, the servant who has been assigned to care for her, and also Tamlin himself.

She had made a promise to her mother when her mother was dying that she would care for their family and she feels she is breaking the promise and wants to find a way home, so she doesn't allow herself to enjoy her time with them.

Feyre learns that there is a blight upon the Faerie lands that is releasing demon-like creatures throughout the courts to kill the Faerie's.

The only cause mentioned at this time is a mysterious "she" who's name isn't revealed. Feyre decides to find out some information on her own, and gets advice from Lucien on how to trap a Suriel, a type of Faerie creature who can answer any question asked of it.

Feyre traps one and learns that Tamlin isn't just any Faerie, but one of the seven High Lords, ruler of the Spring court.

She also asks if there's truly no way for her to ever get home and the Suriel tells her that although Faerie's CAN lie, Tamlin didn't lie to her about that, and if she wants to remain safe she needs to stay with him.

When Feyre asks about the cause of the blight, the Suriel tells her that there is another land called Hybern that is ruled by a king rather than the land being split up into courts there are 7 courts: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Dawn, Day, and Night.

The king is unhappy with the treaty that was signed with the humans which allowed them to no longer be slaves and have lands of their own, and so a hundred years ago he sent his most trusted commanders and killers to the human and Faerie lands to begin waging a war.

As spies, lovers, and courtiers they infiltrated the High Fae courts and gathered enough information that the king could make his plan to take over, but one of his commanders disobeyed and they now call them the Deceiver.

At this point, some of the vicious blight Faeries called naga find them and start to kill Feyre and the Suriel. Feyre lets the Suriel loose to run away and runs herself.

She is about to be trapped when Tamlin returns from his border patrol when he hears her screams and saves her. Tamlin and Feyre eventually have a conversation about how she wants to go home due to her promise, and he tells her he can't send her home, but that he has made sure her family is well provided for and he has altered their memories so that they just think she's gone to live with a dying great aunt.

Knowing that she isn't breaking the promise to her mom and her family is being cared for, she relaxes and even begins painting again.

As she and Tamlin grow closer, he uses his magic to give her Faerie sight so that she can see and feel the things he does. She realizes she has been glamoured as he has many more Faerie workers on his grounds that she hadn't been able to see before he gave her the faerie sight and even Alis is different.

Rather than being humanlike as Feyre was led to believe, Alis is another type of Faerie who has bark skin.

One night, Tamlin tells her to stay in her room and not leave the castle as he has to go to a Faerie ritual called the Great Rite. She disobeys because she wants to see what it is and although she has on a cloak to hide that she's human, she is cornered by three Faerie's who plan on raping her.

She is rescued by another Faerie described as the most beautiful creature she's ever seen but she senses that he is not really a savior but rather wants something from her so she quickly gets away from him too.

Lucien spots her and whisks her quickly back to the castle, where he explains that the Great Rite is the beginning of Spring in Prythian and the human world, and that tonight, with Tamlin being high lord of the spring court, he will undergo a ritual that regenerates his magic so that he can keep his power.

The magic will consume him this evening and his sole purpose will be to find the Maiden and couple with her to complete the ritual.

Tamlin will kill a white stag and sacrifice it as an offering, then go to the sacred cave where a line of maidens will be waiting. No one knows who the chose Madien is until this time, and then Tamlins magic will lead him to her to complete the ritual.

He tells her that it's lucky he found her when he did, because Tamlin would have smelled her and would have chosen her to take into the cave, but it wouldn't be the Tamlin she knows, as this is "not a night for lovemaking".

Embarrassed, Feyre goes to her room and falls into a restless sleep and wakes because the music from the ritual has stopped and she knows that means it's completed.

She wanders downstairs and Tamlin is waiting there, still buzzed from the magic coursing through him. He traps her against the wall and tells her how he smelled her and it drove him crazy trying to find her and he was forced to pick another, and although the Maiden chosen told him not to be gentle that he would have been with her.

Feyre taunts him, hurt that he even did choose another, and asks why she would want someone's leftovers. He goes all beast mode on her and bites her neck leaving a bruise, and although she's pissed she realizes how much she wants him and he knows it too, so now that he's proven his point he lets her go to return to her room.

In the summer, a party is thrown at the castle and Tamlin and Feyre end up finally revealing their feeling to each other and they kiss after Feyre has a bit too much Faerie liquor and loses her inhibitions.

The next day at lunch everything goes bonkers and Tamlin yells for Feyre to get behind Lucien. Knowing they've sensed something or someone she can't, she quickly obeys and Lucien glamours her so that she's invisible behind him.

Rhysand senses Feyre even though she's glamoured and threatens to tell Amarantha, his lover and the ominous "she" that is always spoken about regarding the blight.

Rhysand asks her name and she tells him it's Clare Beddor, one of the girls she knew from home. Rhysand says he won't tell Amarantha about "Clare" if Tamlin and Lucien beg him and they grovel before him.

Feyre is confused as to why it matters if this woman knows about her but doesn't question Tamlins motives.

He then sends her home even though she wants to stay with him and tells her that the treaty be damned, he will keep her safe and this is the only way to do it since he knows Rhysand will still tell Amarantha about her.

When he puts her in a carriage home he tells her he loves her but she doesn't say it back for fear that if she does there's no way she would be able to leave like she's promised him she would.

When she gets home she finds out that her family really has been provided for due to the fact that an unknown man showed up at the shack and asked her father to make some investments for him and they got rich again from that.

Feyre knows it was all Tamlins doing but she's glad they're happy even though Nesta seems very standoffish. Feyres story is that the great aunt died and left her her fortune in her will and she's brought it home to them.

Nesta corners her later on and tells Feyre that she hired a mercenary after Feyre disappeared and went into the woods to try to track her with the mercenary.

Feyre realizes the glamour about the whole "great aunt" didn't work on Nesta due to her iron will, and she's touched that her sister braved the woods to try to find her, and of the fact that she's kept Feyres secret to keep their other younger sister Elain and father happy.

She then tells Nesta everything. After a while, Feyre finds out that Clare's family was killed and it's rumored that she was taken by Faeries.

Feyre knows that Tamlin wouldn't have allowed this and that something is wrong so she tells Nesta that she has to go to him.

Nesta agrees to take their family far away so that they'll be safe in the meantime at the first sign of anything "off". She finds her way through the wall and gets back to the castle to find no one there but Alis.

Alis tells her the whole story of the blight and the curse which keeps the masks on the spring courts faces at that time after telling her that Amarantha took Tamlin due to the curse.

Amarantha was the "Deceiver" formerly mentioned by the Suriel. She went from court to court charming all the High Lords on behalf of the king of Hybern for fifty years while she gained their trust.

She had a younger sister, Clythia, who fell in love with a mortal warrior named Jurian during the war before the treaty happened between mortals and Faerie's.

Jurian betrayed Clythia as he only wanted information to help the humans in their fight, and killed her and chopped her up into pieces for Amarantha to find.

Amarantha found him, and now wears a ring with his eye in it and his soul is trapped in there, so he's forever alive and her prisoner.

After the treaty happened, she harbored such hatred for humans that she and the king of Hybern killed their human slaves rather than free them.

She was so charismatic though, that she was able to convince the high lords that her sisters death had changed her and that she and the king were willing to open trade routes with them again.

The high lords never realized nor did the king of Hybern that the ships on the trade routes also smuggled in her army forces too.

Amarantha knew that even with her personal army, the high lords were too powerful for her to defeat so that she could kill the humans and do away with the treaty, so she convinced them to all meet with her under the guise of a ball.

She slipped potions into all the high lords drinks and was able to steal their magic once they were passed out, leaving them with only their barest magic.

With their magic almost fully taken she was able to use her smuggled army to take Prythian in a matter of days and became the "High Queen". She built her palace under a mountain and has ruled from there since.

She sends the creatures as a blight on the land to test the high lords of Prythian who don't kneel to her, which at this point is only Tamlin and the spring court, which she allows him to rebel because she's in love with him and doesn't want him harmed, but she did curse him for not wanting her.

She threw a masquerade ball in her honor at her palace under the mountain upon coming into power and told the spring court to come.

When they arrived she offered Tamlin peace if he would join her and marry her. He refused and said he would rather marry a human than her.

She used magic to sear the masks to the courts faces, and told Tamlin that only if he could make a mortal love him that truly hated Faerie's within seven times seven years, that she would restore his magic and remove the blight from Prythian.

He tried for years to break the curse by glamouring his soldiers as animals and sending them to the human lands to find someone. Part of the stipulation of the curse was that the human was to attack the Faerie soldier unprovoked and kill them so that Amarantha would know of the humans hatred of the Faerie's on the off chance that the human did end up falling in love with Tamlin.

Most humans ran or the fathers of the girls killed the Faerie soldiers, etc, and it wasn't until Feyre shot the Faerie soldier that the curse had a chance of being broken.

All Feyre would have had to have done would have been to tell Tamlin she loved him that day at the carriage and it would have all ended, but instead, knowing that his time was up to break the curse in just a few days, he chose to send her away to keep her safe as she meant more to him than his own curse or court.

Hearing this and hoping she can somehow still save him, she goes to the court and declares to Amarantha that she's come back to save the man she loves.

Amarantha realizes Clare wasn't Feyre after all and shows Feyre Clare's body, which has been strung up on her palace wall beaten and burned until unrecognizable.

Amarantha asks Rhysand why he said Clare was the girl Tamlin loved and Rhysand tells her that all humans look alike to him, which Feyre knows isn't true as he recognized her from the night of the Rite whenever he saw her at the castle again before Tamlin sent her home.

Amarantha tells her that if she can do one of two things that she will still allow the curse to be broken. Feyre either has to go through three trials to prove her love for Tamlin or solve her riddle, which is this:.

At times I seem to favor the clever and the fair, but I bless all those who are brave enough to dare. By large, my ministrations are soft handed and sweet, but scorned I become a difficult beast to defeat.

For though each of my strikes lands a powerful blow, when I kill I do it slow. Feyre doesn't know the riddle answer of course and Amarantha throws her in the dungeon until her first trial after having her minions beat Feyre.

Lucien sneaks and heals Feyre as much as he can without it being noticeable so that she's ready for her first trial.

After an unknown amount of time Feyre is brought from the dungeon for her first trial. Amarantha tells her that Rhysand has told her Feyres a hunter and that she must hunt.

She throws Feyre into a big mud maze that has a big earthworm creature that has been sent to kill her while navigating the maze. To help you can:.

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A Court Of Thorns And Roses - Bloomsbury Academic

Like suddenly everything took a turn and I was left with my mouth open. Coming to the characters: at first I didn't like Feyre that much but it changed throughout the book. Some parts weren't that ineresting but the further I kept reading the better the book got. She is one of my favorite authors. A Court Of Thorns And Roses

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A Court of Thorns and Roses - ACOTAR Book #1 AUDIOBOOK - Part 2 Normalerweise bin ich kein Fan von Elfengeschichten, aber diese Geschichte hat mir echt gut gefallen. And after the book made it to my shelf it took Kroatien Party half Apple Tree Yard Deutsch year to start it and then another four months to read it. Ich war sehr gespannt auf "A Court of Thorns and Roses" und wurde nicht enttäuscht. Maas Realm Deutsch the first incarnation of her debut novel, Throne of Glass, when she was just sixteen. Hörbuch CD. After killing a wolf she's abducted and held in Prythian unless she can break an ancient spell. DPReview Digital Photography. As Feyre's feelings Single Ladies Tamlin turn from hostility to passion, she learns Pokemon Love the faerie lands are a far more dangerous place than she realized. Thanks GR This shit reads slowwwwwlyyyyy. Start a Wiki. Does this book have a love triangle? A Court of Thorns and Roses 6 books. If I can calm my racing pulse before then. Going to Fire Night after being told how Kinox.Su it is, not leaving after being almost raped by 3 faeries, and then Missy Stone to leave her room AGAIN afterwards 5. View all 5 comments. I loved the scenery I pictured in the book from the descriptions.

Feyre, the heroine, is both a huntress and painter. Never have I seen this mix of skills before in one person. There were moments in the story when I felt the need to growl at her, for her difficulty to obey orders — even if for her own protection — was bewildering!

Original, amazingly looking cover? Maas, will blow our mind? Brave heroine? Basically, it has everything to look for in a fantasy.

Please, do not disappoint. Pierce Great review! I just got the book and can't wait to dig in Oct 20, PM.

R While I would agree that there are a few things that are missing in the first book, I think if you read the rest of the series you will be pleasantly While I would agree that there are a few things that are missing in the first book, I think if you read the rest of the series you will be pleasantly surprised!

Feb 08, Wendy Darling rated it really liked it Shelves: bloomsbury , pn-faeries , may , retellings-and-inspirations , crush-worthy-boys , read , to-review , favorites , new-adult-worthwhile , publication.

My cheeks are still flushed. I'm also fairly confident this book is going to help change the face of new adult fiction. Serious Darkling vibes, my friends.

Maybe more of a review closer to release. If I can calm my racing pulse before then. View all 90 comments. R people thinking rhys is an antihero : 15 hours, 0 min ago.

Oct 15, Hailey Hailey in Bookland rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , fantasy. View all 29 comments.

Feb 13, Sasha Alsberg rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Just wow. Sarah has done it again! This book was amazing!

The romance was borderline new adult which I loved but it was also greatly paced. The plot was so well thought out and executed as well.

View all 30 comments. Jun 02, Christine Riccio rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyed this one! View all 8 comments. Oct 25, NReads rated it it was amazing.

I take back every bad thing I've said about Rhys. View all 24 comments. Oct 24, Jesse JesseTheReader rated it really liked it.

This was a solid start to this new series! I'm really interested to see where things go. View all 5 comments. Apr 04, Maria rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

What am I supposed to say after this? The Beauty and the Beast-esque fantasy drama tells t 4. The Beauty and the Beast-esque fantasy drama tells the story of Feyre, who finds herself entwined with faeries after unknowingly killing one.

When the year-old huntress kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it. Dragged to a treacherous magical land she only knows about from legends, Feyre discovers that her captor is not an animal, but Tamlin, one of the lethal, immortal faeries who once ruled their world.

Feyre must find a way to stop it or doom Tamlin and his world forever. I'm not a fantasy fan. I love fantasy in film and tv but not in books.

I picked up this book cause I wanted to use it for my thesis for uni don't even ask and now after I graduated I decided to give it a go.

My favorite genres to read are historical fiction and contemporary, and fantasy falls on a very different category. But the fantasy in this book man First I started off this book a bit confused.

The language confused me a bit, the terms, all the information. I'm reading books in English while my native language is Greek so fantasy fell a bit harsh on me.

As I said, I'm not a fantasy fan, and with fantasy comes many weird words and shit like that. But I kept going and after a while I got used to everything and started to enjoy the plot and the characters.

I enjoyed very much the factor that there weren't many characters in this book. I don't like when a book is crowded with characters, it doesn't give me the space to love them all.

This book succeeded in making all the characters lovable for me I fucking love Rhysand man. Unexpected feelings happening. The world Sarah J. Maas created is so rich and dark and gloomy but also happy and hopeful and full of light, I truly enjoyed reading about it.

I always get bored, to be honest, with descriptions and politics of different worlds but this one excited me. Even the fucking politics were exciting.

Now to the juicy shit Holy fucking shit. I ship these two so hard I can't even breathe. When he sent her away I wanted to scream!

He gave her a good fucking and left her hanging. Why am I laughing at this? But honestly, the romance was amazing. At first, I felt like the entire book was only gonna be about the romance and I didn't quite enjoy that but after all the revelations and the twists in the plot, the romance was used wisely.

And I didn't expect that, because I have heard lots of things about this book. And now we have Rhysand This will become a triangle, I can feel it in my bones.

But I'm here for it, for some reason. I love the heat Maas's romances convey in me. To sum it all up, this book took me a while to get into but it was all worth it.

Maybe after this book I will start reading more fantasy. Maybe not. As I'm waiting for the sequel to arrive, I will drawn my sorrow into crying about how amazing this first book was.

Or maybe reread some parts. Anyway, till the next one K BYE!!! View all 53 comments. Apr 30, Teodora rated it really liked it Shelves: books-to-read-in-romanian , adult-new-adult , favorites , on-app , owned , ya , romance.

You puzzle me. So, there you go — another great universe erected by 4. So, there you go — another great universe erected by SJM just in front of our humble eyes.

She is building her own fucking multiverse and we are here to witness the power of a goddess at work. I will make three sacrifices for that.

This is, so far, for me, the best Beauty and the Beast reimagination. And this one is not even the best of her works. Or at least as intriguing as a Court of flowery gardens can be.

I kind of like Feyre. She definitely has her own personal issues, mainly because she is broken and lonely and desperate to beat her status. She is human and miserable, mainly because her family is horrible.

Lucien the Emissary of the Spring Court , I must say, I liked from the very beginning, but he somehow managed to grow on me.

There was something likeable about him at first and he only proved that to me more as the action went on.

Tamlin , the High Lord of the Spring Court, on the other hand, seemed a bit stiff the whole book, even though I sometimes appreciated the occasional softness of his heart.

He won for this book a full star from me with all of his domineering prick moves. He played the bad boy role so good that my traitorous heart enjoyed him whole.

I might have a problem but oh, what a perfect problem he is. But by the end, there was this sliver of hope that lingered. And that broke the evil to pieces.

It leaves you craving. More steps to come. Until I fall in love. Wholly and irrevocably. View all 23 comments. Dec 01, Chelsea Humphrey rated it really liked it.

This was so much better the second time around. I found I wasn't so concerned about rushing through to get to the next book; since I already knew what happens I was able to savor the details and carve out a tiny piece of my heart for Tam Tam but not really because duh.

On to the next one! Everything in the Humphrey household is going awry so it was wonderful being able to escape in Feyre's exciting problems and leave my own behind.

There is nothing of substance to the book; it is fluffy, cheesy, and has been done multiple times over before, yet somehow I STILL was completely sucked in and couldn't put it down.

I found myself utterly bored and despising the scenes with Feyre's father and sisters. I know they were necessary, but I almost put the book down as a DNF early on bc I could hardly get through those scenes.

Not sure what else I can add that hasn't been said already a million times over, but this is a reheated "Beauty and the Beast" with side dishes of Cinderella and Twilight.

I'm still thinking about Thanksgiving food-sorry guys. I might hold off on the next book until a little closer to May so I'm not left hanging.

My inner teenage fangirl is looking forward to gobbling up more delicious fluff. View all 81 comments. Sep 10, Samantha rated it it was ok.

I cannot remember ever being this conflicted over a book. I went into this book fully expecting to love it. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales, and I was interested to see how SJM made the story her own.

First off, my biggest problem with this story was Feyre as a character. I have never been so irritated. Her character development and personality, for the most part, didn't make I cannot remember ever being this conflicted over a book.

Her character development and personality, for the most part, didn't make sense to me. She was the caretaker of her entire family for years, supposedly a hunter with a strong survival instinct.

And yet, she proceeded to make the stupidest decisions and put herself in danger time and time again.

I didn't get the sense that she did this out of bravery, but more out of stupidity. It didn't mesh with what her character was supposed to be.

Examples of these idiotic choices: view spoiler [ 1. Repeatedly plotting to escape into a faerie land that she knew to be deadly, when she was asleep on the way to the manor and obviously wouldn't know her way back to the mortal lands 2.

Going to Fire Night after being told how dangerous it is, not leaving after being almost raped by 3 faeries, and then proceeding to leave her room AGAIN afterwards 5.

Drinking the faerie wine at the Solstice, even after Lucien of all people warned her not to 6. Leaving the manor when the Suriel flat out TOLD her not to and that she would be safe with Tamlin, and deciding to not mention that to ANYONE before he forced her to leave hide spoiler ] In addition to all of these idiotic choices, she also is incredibly inconsistent.

She'll go from hating Fae to sympathizing with them to loving them back to fearing them at the drop of a hat. These inconsistencies are probably the most irritating, as there are scenes that I absolutely adore with Feyre, but then she goes back to doing the next pain in the ass thing on the next page.

I also found her relationship with Tamlin to be problematic. Yes, I do enjoy problematic things especially ships from time to time but there were a lot of things I couldn't excuse with them.

Again, more inconsistencies in characters' behavior. It was too little too late. Also, view spoiler [ I found the Fire Night scene to be a problem for me.

I do enjoy volatile relationships and bad boy characters. But only when we are told from the beginning that one of the characters is "bad".

Tamlin we are led to believe is a saint, then he bites her and gets possessive, but all is forgiven the next morning.

Because he's a "nice guy. While I really enjoyed the wide variety of Fae creatures we got to see, I thought that a lot of the back story was revealed in a lazy way.

Instead of having Feyre figure anything out for herself, important things are told to her through long monologues from a number of characters throughout the book.

This happens numerous times. Additionally, few side characters have any development and most felt like blank slates. With that being said, the ones that were developed I adored.

Lucien and Rhys saved the book for me in a lot of ways. I found them both to be complex and interesting characters.

I found the plot to finally be interesting, and I found Feyre's decisions in those chapters to actually make sense. A lot of things were set up for future books that have me very intrigued, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

Many things that I disliked in this book, may in fact be remedied due to some of the occurrences in this last small section of the book.

Overall, I was disappointed by this first installment. While there were elements I really enjoyed, they didn't make up for the elements I didn't.

I'm hoping future installments will prove to be better. I will also be doing a full video review and spoiler-filled discussion on my channel in the future if you want to know more of my thoughts.

View all 26 comments. It blew me all the way away and left me wanting more of its glorious world and even mightier characters. For the hardcore faerie fans out there, I'll send you the address of the rock I've been living under alongside an apology note.

BUT, in my defense I think this was probably the best book to start in order to both understand and learn to love the creatures.

Beauty and the Beast has long been a Disney favourite of mine and the lush scenery as well as the lyrical writing in this novel made me swoon everytime I understood a faint reference and had me at the edge of my seat everytime it diverged from the classic tale.

This was really down to the fact that I wanted more to happen. The pacing felt jolting at times and often I felt the storyline had assets that seemed unnecessary to the higher plot.

The infodump was overwhelming and I wish it had been spaced out a tad more cleverly. Regardless, I loved the mysterious and wicked atmosphere paired with some fantastic characters and plot twists.

Prythian is both dangerous and sultry, from its curses, royalty, and magical beasts. From trusted reviewers and friends, I've been advised that the second book deserves all the stars and more, so I'm definitely reading that next!

The Characters The characters drove the story for me, at least more than the actual plot. Feyre was like a breath of fresh air.

I enjoyed her stubbornness and maturity, I like that she made mistakes but knew where and when she was in the wrong. I also loved that she was portrayed as strong and un-doormaty Yes , she has her flaws but I'm not going to complain when we finally have a year old hardworking main character that believes in her values and develops through the book.

The side characters Lucien, Rhysand and Alis stole the show for me. My heart went out for them. I am definitely Team Rhysand but I'll get into that later ; I felt like the dynamic between the courts and the tension from the "blight" was written really well.

I followed with the backstory and the history of Prythian throughout the novel and I honestly fell for each character's story arc.

Lucien has a heart of gold and Rhysand is a walking, talking stick of ego that somehow has something soft within him.

Alis was my own Mrs. Potts, with her charm and blunt personality and I never felt like any of the chapters that they were in were filler chapters.

Towards the end, I started getting giddy whenever Rhysand was in a chapter Tamlin is very irrelevant to me Nesta seems like she's going to have the biggest character development arc and I am here for it.

Lil' cold-hearted ice queen is ready to be thawed out! The Romance I dislike Tamlin. There are so many reviews that I have read now and posts where people have mocked themselves for liking Tamlin in the beginning and I kinda feel left out.

But no. From the minute Feyre was held captive in his manor, there was something about his character that I couldn't settle with.

He was unnerving and uncomfortable in his scenes. Some of his dialogue between Feyre and him had me cringing at the lack of chemistry.

Throughout the novel, my experience with the romance was dull. It felt forced and alarming at times. Tamlin was also the only character I felt that had no true personality I wanted to go with the whole "captor with a heart, knight in shining armor" vibe that the story was trying to go for but I just felt like this man was taking advantage of the entire situation.

I was actually quite sad when this book ended because it felt like I finished a journey in this new world.

So I may roam wherever I wish until the dawn. This is definitely one of my favorite books of ! I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan and was in the mood for fantasy, so those combined and written by one of my favorite authors was perfection!

I definitely recommend this book to everyone and can't wait for the next installment. View 2 comments. I went into this really excited and and really wanting to love this thing.

After seeing this book and its successors paint my feed with its courts and thorns and wings and ruin, I knew there was a lot of hype surrounding this series in general.

And this first installment just didn't live up to it for me, sadly. There, there, Court Thornians Nothing really happened and the things that did didn't even make sense until after the book was over.

And I'm just not a fan of that. I did enjoy the writing and the ending. And while those things aren't enough to prompt me to rate this thing any higher, I AM going to read the second book.

I trust my peeps and all of you are saying that, while the first book drags, the second book is "OMG amazeballs. Plus, I am getting it free from the library, so why not, no?

View all 89 comments. Well, at least at first it seems to be one, the longer you read, the more it goes into an entirely different direction though.

And I think it was exactly that kind of change of direction that actually got me hooked in the end. Needless to say that I was sad it was over, also needless to say that I wanted to do a reread of it one day.

It was even better this second time around! It was so damn good to read about my favourite characters and it almost felt like coming home!

Plus the foreboding!!! Seriously, how did I even miss all those clues and hints when I read it for the very first time?!

There were so many things that made a whole lot more sense than they did before and I was in awe at how well Sarah J.

Maas wove all those details in her storyline. Also the ending! No matter how often I read this book that moment on the last page!? Wow, just wow!

XD Well, enough of my impending future reread! Believe me and take my word for it. I loved that fierce girl that would do everything for her loved ones and even had the guts to kill a wolf she suspected to be a faerie!

She tried to keep them alive and all they did was to sneer at her or to spend all the precious money she earned. No wonder that girl is so insecure and distrustful, no wonder she was afraid of Tamlin and Lucien.

No matter how scared she was, she never let it get in her way though. And defiant! Did I already mention how much I adore her for that?

It embedded itself in the mud at her feet, splattering filth onto her white gown, and remained there, quivering. It was brilliant and cruel, and she knew it.

A child. Against slavery, against tyranny, I would gladly go to my death, no matter whose freedom I was defending. Seriously, when I read the book for the very first time I actually believed him, but damn reading it for a second time I realized how stupid I was.

Doing a reread of this book I finally realized the many things I never truly liked about him. For instance his cold distance, his controlling behaviour and how he could say sentences like the one above when every freaking Court of Prythian except of his own was enslaved to Amarantha!

He was old enough to fight her now but he was still indifferent!! All those other High Lords felt lonely too, Tamlin! They hoped that you would break the curse!

And boy, I bet they had way worse days than you over those last fifty years!!!! So NOPE! Just nope! To manipulate Amarantha.

He just flat out refused her! Which is stupid on so many levels…. What it was like, what it is like, for me to care for my people, my lands.

What scars are still there, what the bad days feel like. It was there he sat, wearing only a white shirt and trousers, his red hair unbound and gleaming like liquid fire.

My precious tender autumn leave!!! In contrast to Tamlin he had the guts to stand up to Amarantha and yes, he paid dearly for it, but he gave her a piece of his mind and I think Feyre and him are quite similar in that regard.

Please give my boy a Happy Ever After! Not long, but I hesitated before I came running. Even though Tam got there in time, I still broke my word in those seconds I waited.

She took his eye as punishment. Carved it out with her own fingernail, then scarred his face. She sent him back so bloody that Tamlin… The High Lord vomited when he saw his friend.

Was that not enough? Oath or no oath? Next to Lucien he was definitely my second favourite character of this book!

I like dark, mysterious, assholes? XD And seriously, if you read the book carefully you can see through his disguise.

XD So yeah! Or die alone. I braced myself for the touch, but he lowered it before making contact. I dunno what it is about Sarah but you know exactly when she wants a couple to be endgame, because damn, their chemistry is always off the charts.

Plus I think their relationship never had a chance to develop. I somehow never felt that dedication from Tamlin though. Yes, he tried to save her but to be fascinated by her is no real love.

Courtier and emissary. I mean they start out as enemies. During the entire book they get to know each other better though and slowly but gradually they become friends in the end.

XD At first it seems to be some sort of reluctant acceptance and acknowledgement but the longer they talk to each other the better their relationship becomes.

Lucien sighed as he looked me over. Dead — really, truly, I should have been dead for that. He used the dagger to clean his nails. So have you, I take it.

He basically protected her from the moment they first met at Calanmai and there was absolutely no reason for him to interfere!

Calanmai was the first time he was intrigued by her and he could have easily rat her out right after that night. In fact everything he did was to protect her!

He protected her the moment she came to Under the Mountain and everything he did, even the colour on her body, had some reason behind it. None of his actions was arbitrary, every single move and gesture was deliberate and on purpose.

Rhys was the only one who tried to stop her! Put your hands at your sides and stand up. He launched himself at Amarantha, swift as a shadow, the ash dagger aimed at her throat.

Shock — pure shock flashed across his features at whatever he saw on my face, and he stumbled back a step. Actually, stumbled.

Sarah J. I promise it will be an interesting journey! I missed all those characters so much and every time I saw an update or a review I longed to read it again.

Ready to reread one of my faves! And this time around there will even be a proper review! My precious sarcastic red-head! S: I'm curious if my rating is going to change!

I think this is my most read series alongside Harry Potter and Mistborn. Even though, I was aware of what was to come, my heart bled for Feyre. Those scenes that took place Under the Mountain were written ridiculously well and massive props to Queen Maas for captivating and writing about Feyre's struggles, internal dialogue and despair like that.

I felt every word, every emot 5th reread. I felt every word, every emotion. Despite it being my least favourite in the series, I love this book.

I'm utter and complete trash for anything Sarah J Maas. Oct 21, Angela rated it it was amazing Shelves: badass-females , 5-star-favorites.

I hate story re-tellings!!! I hate them but this, this master piece is no Beauty and the Beast. I'm just gonna jump right into everything and just a little warning: I'm so sorry if this seems like I'm frantically flapping around on my keyboard, but I'm just that excited.

I was so worried that this book would have a plot too close to Throne of Glass and that the characters would also bare that same fate.. I was so worried that this book would have a plot too close to Throne of Glass and that the characters would also bare that same fate But thank the literary gods above that didn't happen.

Yes, Maas still gives us swoon worthy gents and a strong leading fem, but they are not at all like the cast of ToG.

Our leading lass is Feyre, and man oh man did I love her. I loved that though she is strong she isn't doing it for herself or because that's who she is, she's doing to because it's what needs to be done.

This is what made her character for me. She does everything for everyone and expects nothing in return.

Her character starts as a strong huntress and turns into something more. She has the head strong will of a warrior and the heart of an artist.

I loved that Maas gave her so much depth and let us get so deep into her brain that her feelings become your feelings. As for Feyre's love interested she gives us the heart twist-swoon worthy-deep-thoughtful-man candy that is Tamlin.

Oh Tamlin will have you weak in the knees and have your loins aflame seriously blushed so much during this book.

He literately has so much weight on his shoulders and still stands tall. He is willing to give up everything to make sure shes okay. I kid y'all not I never ever use the word "ship" for couples, but as they say there's a first for everything and View all 19 comments.

It's my favorite new thing, to re-read books either through Audible or Overdrive. I must say this was better the second time around but ye gods, I thought I was going to gag a maggot with all the lovey dovey and sex with Tamlin.

I mean after falling in love with Rhys I can't even people. And also, who could have sex with some old beast after he had that ritual thing with someone else.

Anyhoo, on to the next! I loved it so much in the beginning, then I felt a little off with it for a bit, but the end took me right back to loving it.

I think this is a very unique take on Beauty and the Beast. I loved Tamlin, but I wonder! There were times that Feyre got on my last nerves and I wanted to smack her, but it happens.

She did great over all. When Feyre is taken to the Spring Court, Nesta is disgusted at her father's inaction and hires a mercenary to take her to the Wall, though she is unable to find a way through.

She is the only one of Feyre's family who is able to resist Tamlin's magical illusion. Read More Maas will also write two novellas.

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